Geography Tuition For Secondary School Students in Singapore

Geography Tuition For Secondary School Students in Singapore


  • O’levels Combines Humanities 2267 Singapore
  • O’levels Geography 2263 Singapore


  • Emphasis the use of memory improvement techniques to help students memorise.
  • Gegraphy is a highly memory intensive subject.
  • Total of 10 powerful memory improvement techniques to be learned.
  • Each memory techniques has different applications.
  • For example the RR-Memory-Technique is used to memorise geography essay based questions.
  • The NS Memory Techniques is used to memorise any information that contains numbers or digits.
  • Memory principles such as how to store information from short-term to long-term memory is also to be learned.



  • Founder and chief trainer at Pinnacle Minds.
  • Founder of UMONIC
  • Held the world record for the longest colour sequence memorized. Memorised 160 colours in 5 minutes 20 seconds.
  • Represented Singapore in the World Memory Championships in 2011.
  • Memorised 480 numbers in 60 minutes, 460 binary digits in 30 minutes, 51 names, and faces in 15 minutes, 98 words in 15 minutes and 176 abstract images in 15 minutes.
  • Have thought over 30,000 students memory improvement techniques worldwide.
  • Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment.
  • A Graduate From Monash University, Melbourne.



  • $140 per hour.
  • Min 2 hours a week.
  • Location: Chai Chee Ave.
  • 1 on 1 session.


  • $80 per hour.
  • 2 hours a week.
  • Location: Chai Chee Ave.
  • Small size of only 4 students per group.
  • Every Saturday: 9am-11am



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The Importance and Benefits of Private Tuition

All Parents need to furnish their Child with the most ideal instruction guaranteeing that they are outfitted with the evaluations they have to seek after their future desire.

Each parent that enquires about working with our private coaches is completely committed to helping their youngsters accomplish the evaluations they require to get them into their coveted colleges, universities or auxiliary schools.

While a few guardians step up with regards to devise timetables to guarantee their kid considers gainfully, we’ve seen the undeniably prevalent choice with guardians in London is to decide on the experience and mastery information of an expert private guide.

The Importance of One-to-One Tuition

As of late private educational cost has regularly been referred to as a standout among the best methods for helping understudies accomplish their scholastic potential. For understudies battling with a specific subject it is regularly troublesome for educators in classrooms to give them the consideration and bolster they require.

In any case, this is not to suggest that the educator or school is to blame.

In a classroom there are various different understudies and the l educators have the duty to partition their consideration among every one of the students. They need to keep the understudies spurred and intrigued, and guarantee that the themes are instructed inside a specific time period with the goal that all subject material has been viably secured.

The Benefits of One-to-One Tutoring

By deciding on private educational cost understudies can profit by coordinated consideration and customized lesson designs that particularly address their weaker branches of knowledge. The private guide will have the capacity to rapidly distinguish which zones of work an understudy is experiencing difficulty with and regularly by simply utilizing an option approach, or clarifying something diversely understudies can promptly get a handle on troublesome ideas.

Already, it was just battling understudies that would profit by private educational cost, in any case we’ve seen an adjustment as of late. Because of the inexorably focused nature of getting into London’s best schools, schools and Universities guardians tend to look for the additional assistance and help of a private coach. Notwithstanding for the individuals who are exceeding expectations at school, private educational cost can be of esteem, and has demonstrated especially well known amid the era paving the way to the exam season.

Coaches can help understudies with exam strategy and work with them to calibrate their abilities and learning to guarantee they accomplish the evaluations that they are going for.

We’ve discovered that battling understudies are frequently happy of the opportunity to have an accomplished mentor who has master information of a specific subject, and additionally persistence and comprehension. Having the capacity to examine issues outside of the classroom condition is regularly significantly less overwhelming than doing as such before peers. The certainty and coming about progress that can be accomplished through private educational cost is precious, especially when endeavoring to secure a place in their first decision for college.

Understudies who need inspiration can likewise profit by private educational cost. Regardless of how brilliant and skilled an understudy is, whether they are not willing to put the work in or essentially think that its hard to focus over drawn out stretches of time, they will battle to perform at their potential amid the exams. Amendment structure, exam hone and motivational strategies would all be able to be furnished by working with a private mentor. These are only cases of how mentors can help understudies with subject learning, certainty, time administration and exam strategy.

Our private guides work at a the understudy’s pace, give customized consideration, see how they learn and investigate the most ideal approach to disclose troublesome subjects to them. They work through particular learning snags with understudies, and show them helpful investigation and exam methods.

The greater part of our private mentors are specialists in their field, have their own particular materials, influence their understudies to feel calm, are adaptable, versatile and know how to get the absolute best out of their understudies. They are altogether experienced, have educated in schools for no less than 3 years and hold a degree in their particular zone of instructing.

Regardless of whether you are searching for some additional assistance for your tyke in a particular subject or you need to guarantee that your kid is overhauling adequately, or you even essentially figure it would be valuable for them to have some additional at that point help, contracting a private mentor could be an astounding decision.

Educational cost focus is a name given to private instructive establishments running in parallel with schools. Some time ago just frail understudies liked to go educational cost habitats for additional scholastic offer assistance. Be that as it may, these days, alongside the expansion in rivalry, fever of educational cost focuses is additionally prepping among the great understudies and their folks. The training focuses has now turned out to be just about a need, for which a few reasons can be doled out. It is defended additionally as we realize that the each tyke is extraordinary and performs in an unexpected way. Each kid have diverse shades and mental gauge. A few understudies can give splendid scholarly execution while a few understudies need to battle for good stamps; such understudies require additional consideration that can be given in classes other than the school.

Educational cost Center Singapore is one such private instructive establishment arranged in Singapore , which supports the understudies of all subjects from class 6 to 12.There are a few focal points of going to additional educational cost classes. A portion of the preferences are recorded beneath:

Additional consideration and appropriate care is given to singular understudies which is unrealistic in schools as the class estimate is enormous there.

Understudies can investigate new learning style.

Kids can get all the more plainly and profoundly clarification from educators.

It might urge kids to have a gathering study among peer gathering and play out a decent collaboration.

It is useful in granting the information and enthusiasm for the understudy.

It help the understudies in defeating the challenges confronted while getting a handle on the ideas that are being instructed as a piece of the training as the youngster is seeing alternate points of view of a similar subject.

It upgrade strengthened learning as a similar idea is educated in two spots (educational cost class and school).

Educational cost class can be considered as compensates for poor instructing in schools.

It enable understudies to assemble certainty and thus accelerate their learning procedure.

Additional time is used in significant way.

As a rule, understudies discovers trouble in taking care of the numerical issues and learning science. class for science is required for practically every understudies notwithstanding mental gauge and learning ability.One such explanation behind the same is, in schools there are just 5 lessons for every week for subjects like arithmetic and science. The time distributed is unquestionably deficient for frail understudies to comprehend the ideas of specific subjects. And furthermore educators may hurry through the syllabus to finish it on the planned time deserting frail understudies and since the syllabus is not in any case finished, the great understudies are additionally compelled to take the classes. Science Tuition Gurgaon . cut the understudies of arithmetic in most ideal instructing style. Resources of this organization are very much experienced, profoundly qualified, and proficient and have a decent summon on the individual subject. As we realize that resources are the mainstays of every instructive foundation, a few preferences of going to training classes that are recorded above must be conceivable when the subject mentor is experienced and have a firm learning of the individual subject. Furthermore, the resources of this middle investigate every possibility to influence the understudy to take in the idea. The resources are furnished with best showing thoughts and approaches. They help youngsters mentally to set up and create in enthusiasm for thinks about, clear questions, shows examination methods, lead hone tests on consistent premise, screen the advance of understudies and they have their own arrangement of standards which is followed in each class.

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